What it´s about Codename: Hunter?

Sean Wade is a secret agent working for an agency known as the Intergalactic Intelligence Division or I.I.D.

His mother was a school teacher and his father was a secret service agent.

After he graduated college, Wade join the army at the age of 22.

He was a trained sniper during the Alien War of 3032.
When the war ended in 3039, Wade returned home and landed a desk job in the Secret Service.

He found the routine boring and craved for some action. When I.I.D. director Thomas Reeves was searching for new recruits, pulled up Wade's file and found that Wade would make a good agent.

Reeves offered Sean a job in the Intelligence section and Sean accepted.

At the age of 28, Wade is now one of the best secret agents in the galaxy. His job is to protect and defend not just earth, but also the other planets as well.