Triple Threat Comics Founder
Eric Hernández
Erick Hernández was born and raised in the Bronx where he attended the School of Visual Arts to study cartooning. He shares a tremendous passion for the comic arts and is still currently working on creating independent comic book stories. He mostly focuses on writing and penciling his own comic book stories.
Triple Threat Comics Founder
Ian Miller
Ian Miller is one of the world’s newest comic book creators. He’s been drawing comics since he was 7 years old. After graduating from School of Visual Arts, Ian became a professional comic artist and writer. He’s created and continues to create his own comic book stories to entertain his readers.
Triple Threat Comics Collaborator
Ibrahim Aydin
İ started nine years ago photoshop digital color art. Since four year i working professional.Already i got fine arts degree in 1998. Comic books my life and i love this work. İ worked many comicbook work. Still i continue with be freelancer.( Sanoma Media Finland-Apogee Comics-Studio Aries-Aazurn Publishing etc.

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